Resident Artists

Scottie B

Scottie B

Hi, my name is Scott Bolden.  I’m the founder of Skizum Studios in New York and Berlin; I’m currently in Berlin, Germany setting up the Fall Program of Events and organizing our residency program.  You can take a look at the Skizum Studios manifesto here.

Born in 1968, I grew up as in a tri-racial (Black, Native American, White) upwardly mobile family in the industrial Midwest; evolving from the inner city ghetto of Buffalo, NY to the upper middle class suburbs of Detroit, MI with 7 stops in between. I earned degrees in engineering and art from the University of Michigan (Ann Arbor) and moved on to work for a well respected design consultancy in New York City in 1993. During my early professional years, I was involved in many innovative and inventive projects within the fields of product, furniture, interior, graphic, and content design. By 1997, I was involved in event conceptualization and production. In 2002, I set up my European center of operations in Berlin, Germany. I now travel between my bases in the US and Europe collaborating on various projects and events.

This wide ranging experience has enabled me with a uniquely broad perspective from which to objectively observe, analyze, innovate and problem solve. My endeavors range from project/product strategic concept development through production/manufacture to implementation & marketing across a wide variety of professional disciplines. In plain language; I help create, develop and implement win-win scenarios across various disciplines based on sound ideas.

Project Links:

The Universal Humane Needs Assessment – is my latest attempt to synthesize a project plan to understand the basis of living humanely to create a balanced and sustainable future for mankind.

My America Too – a political initiative to inspire an informed and active citizenry

Iraq Apology – an initiative allowing participants to begin to make amends

Potential Renaissance – a social concept catalyzer animation (it takes 15 seconds to start)

Skizum Archive – product, interior and furniture design + events + photography + art

Music – streaming dj set 1, streaming dj set 2, clips from live improv performance


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